Contact information

Email: firstname.lastname@taurlin.org.
Please note, that I also have various other addresses (including things ending in cc.hut.fi, hut.fi, aalto.fi, helsinki.fi, and qmu.ac.uk), which you shouldn’t use as they might/will stop functioning in the future, if they have not already done so.

Skype: giuthas

Phone: ask me.

Professional links

In 2021-2023 I am a post-doc at the Speech production lab at Indiana University Bloomington.

I did my PhD at CASL at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

I am an associate member of the Speech modelling consortium based at the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Aalto University.

Me on Researchgate.

Me on GitHub.

I used to be on Academia.edu too, but that site became too much of a bother.

Hobbies a.k.a Life

The best Scout Group in the whole world: Leppävaaran Korvenkävijät ry.

Me wasting time on Facebook.