I have composed a number of tunes mainly in the Scottish traditional idiom. I will post sheet music here as soon as I get the scanner working properly.

  • Heartbreak Waltz — my somewhat angry and simple first tune.
  • Walking Back Home from Douglas and Jane-Anne’s — a scottishce I wrote while doing what the name says.
  • Drying Acorns — the first tune I ever started writing but one that took a while to finish. The idea for the name came from a conversation with Nigel Gatherer while he was giving me a lift to the Slow Session at Leslie’s bar.
  • Sun Comes out at Crianlarich Station — a slow air that came to me while standing on the platform of Crianlarich Station
  • And possibly some others.

I have a band called Caol Cu (Scottish Gaelic for ‘Dog Straits’ after the Finnish nature centre at Koirasalmi) with Samuli Karjalainen. In the band I play tin whistles and similar instruments and Samuli plays guitar and whistles. The band plays mainly Scottish folk music in a mainly Scottish style. Videos from the band can be found on the band’s youtube channel.


I am writing two books on walking. The first one describes the Journeyman’s Walks (Finnish Kis√§llinmatkat) that I am about to undertake, and the second one is my take on some philosophical matters relating to wandering and walking. I will translate both books to Finnish once they are completed.

  • A draft of the first two chapters of the Journeyman’s Walks [pdf]